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Environmental Risk Case Study

Environment & Sustainability Portfolio

Signacure’s BMS program advises organisations developing environmental, energy, greenhouse gas, and sustainability strategies; and also implements the necessary supporting management systems to international standards. This work is complimented by the provision of staff training and mentoring, audits, and verification of data.

Following are selected case studies of work undertaken:

Energy Reviews (Large multi-site organisation)

A series of energy reviews of offices and depots for this multi-site organisation. A wide-range of issues was considered including staff behaviour, heating, cooling, lighting, compressed air, and office equipment. By combining site visits, staff interviews, and engaging with specialist suppliers, total potential savings of over £70,000 per year were identified, equivalent to 447 tonnes CO2.


Sustainability Strategy (Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants)

Signacure worked with a large firm of Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants to develop a sustainability strategy that addressed all key areas of the organisation’s environmental impact. Not only did it lead the organisation down the path of efficiency savings in areas such as energy and business travel, but also helped them to embed sustainability into their core services such as advising clients of sustainability options for refurbishments, and considering the reduced operational costs of energy efficient buildings when conducting valuations.


Carbon Footprint Verification (Northern Powergrid)

The BMS program was commissioned by Northern Powergrid to undertake an independent verification of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, or business carbon footprint. This involved reviewing all data presented by the business in its emission report for relevance, consistency, transparency, accuracy, and completeness in line with the principles of the GHG Protocol. A wide range of data sources were verified and relevant staff interviewed covering all Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and certain Scope 3 emissions. This included building energy consumption, business travel, system losses, and process emission from SF6 losses.

Following submission of a report and recommendations we developed a suite of carbon footprint work instructions to document data collection processes in line with the requirements of ISO 14064 and integrated these with the environmental management system. Following successful achievement of CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) Jon Bird, Head of Sustainability at Northern Powergrid said of the BMS program:

Carbon footprint reporting involves aggregating information from a variety of sources, which has usually been collected for other purposes.  Establishing processes for validating and collecting this information is never easy.  Signacure’s assistance to Northern Powergrid in establishing properly documented data flows and reporting procedures was invaluable.  We would certainly not have been able to achieve certification without it.


EDF Energy (Internal EMS Auditor Training)

The BMS program provides tailored internal auditor training for your audit teams based at your site, which includes a live audit of your organisations processes and procedures using your audit forms. The course includes discussion of your organisations environmental risk, opportunities and control measures; and covers particular legislative requirements applicable to your activities.

This enables the newly trained auditors to immediately start delivering your audit programme without the need for additional internal training.  Following provision of such a course for EDF Energy our Joe Roberts of EDF Energy said:

EDF Energy asked Signacure to provide the IEMA Internal Auditors course in short notice. We were very impressed by the speed in which the content was tailored to our company processes as well as the environmental impacts. The instructor was very engaging and the course material was covered thoroughly with examples used to good effect. Following on from the course the members of the Environment team were well equipped to complete Compliance Evaluations. We would definitely recommend the BMS program and will use the services again


Hydram Engineering (ISO 14001 implementation)

Hydram Engineering is a respected sheet metal works in County Durham and their work can be seen on Heathrow Terminal 5 and on Boeing 737 aircraft. The company has a strong focus on customer service and quality and wanted to demonstrate to its suppliers that it is environmental responsible. In a project supported by the Manufacturing Advisory Service Hydram implemented an Environmental Management System to the requirements of ISO 14001, a project that also led to staff engagement, a clearer understanding of applicable environmental regulations, quantification of the business carbon footprint, substantial savings in waste disposal costs of over £2000 per year, and improved process over effluent management from the paint plant. During the successful audit by SGS the certification auditor said:

The EMS is of a high quality with well-documented procedures, work instructions and records and should provide the basis for continual environmental improvement.

Andrew Robertson, HSE Manager at Hydram wrote to say:

We have been recommended for ISO14001 which we are really pleased about. I would also like to pass on our thanks from the Directors, myself and all the staff at Hydram.

The auditor was very complimentary of the system and how well written the procedures were. He also said that the system was better than some well-known companies who have had the system in for years. So a big thank you to you.


Dunlop Oil & Marine (Packaging Waste Review)

The BMS program provides an Evaluation of Compliance audit service against all types of environmental legislation. Often such audits identify opportunities for resource efficiency or processes improvements as well as compliance. We were asked by Dunlop Oil and Marine to audit their compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations. Following the project Dan Tyrpak, Environmental Adviser at Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd said:

“The BMS service provided Dunlop Oil and Marine with valued help and support on how to meet its obligations under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007. An onsite audit of packaging activities conducted by Signacure helped us to remain compliant with the complex legislation but also offered some excellent ideas to help us reduce the volume of packaging waste, improving our environmental performance and having a positive effect on company profits.”