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How Blackberry have eroded our Trust

By Dave Lloyd on October 12, 2011 in General

I own a Blackberry and I have to say that up and until Monday I was delighted with it. I have 3 main email accounts on tap, all my texts and also my main twitter account @BCIDave but how quickly things change.

I was out and about a bit on Monday so I did not realise at first that I had experienced issues but I did find it strange that I was receiving less emails than usual. It was only when I logged on the BBC News website on the laptop that I could see that the service had been down. Sure enough, a glut of emails flowed through around 7pm and as far as I could tell the issue was fixed, or so I thought! Same again on Tuesday with a loads of emails landing at 6am.

Today (Wednesday) I am not sure if I have an issue or not, now you may say this is not important but I am sure there are thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of Blackberry users who have thought the same today. The crucial issue here is that my trust in Blackberry has been shaken and it has eroded. The sad thing for the Blackberry brand is they may not have suffered a service issue but I am still wondering if I have one! Perception is reality when it comes to trust.

In this world customers look for certainty, they almost innately expect things to work. Businesses build th service wraps based on this assumption. I heard a complaint about a delivery driver who gets his next delivery task through the Blackberry and had to go back to the office to get his next job, having a further knock-on impact to the awaiting customers.

RIM (the owners of Blackberry) have made a monumental error in terms of communications strategy during this series of issues. The lack of regular and accurate press briefings have led to people eroding the Blackberry brand on Twitter. They have been perceived as arrogant. In my next blog tomorrow I will outline the elements of a good comms plan.


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