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Governance & Quality

Governance & Quality“Signacure implement Management Standards that adapt to your business, we believe too many organisations in the past have had to adapt to fit the standard – not any more!”

Organisations from the private, public or third sectors exist for a common purpose and that is to satisfy the requirements of their shareholders and stakeholders. In almost every case the entity will make a product, manage a process, supply materials or deliver a service.

Many organisations today operate one or more published management standards because they understand that consistent and quality processes and procedures will deliver customer needs and a value. Some organisations choose to formally certify through an external awarding body and others simply choose to comply with a standard.


Management Standards add value in many ways to an organisation including:-

  • save money
  • increase profit
  • win more business
  • satisfy more customers

Management Standards provide a framework for managing risk, achieving economies, efficiencies and interoperability. They also drive productivity at optimum cost while reducing waste.

Signacure seek to deliver enterprise wide engagement by working closely with the leadership team to formulate a clear organisational strategy that provides strong governance capability. Good governance and clear strategy enable greater clarity and support throughout the delivery of the organisational objectives.



Executive Strategy Formation

Stakeholder and Interested Party Review

PAS99 Integration (for existing BS & ISO standards)

Enterprise Management System Programme Implementation

Compliance and Conformity Audit

Cultural Gap Analysis