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IT Penetration Testing

Graph showing how more of our physical world devices are becoming connected and reliant on the Internet

Signacure offer a range of tools and services that attempt to penetrate your current system perimeters including firewalls, websites, IP enabled technologies such as telecommunications systems and Cloud entities.

Penetration Testing will provide the security and assurance you need that your organisation cannot be breached by external virtual threats that could lead to significant information loss and reputational damage.

Our ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) backed services ensure the latest industry knowledge is forthcoming in a fast changing area of knowledge. The extensive range of Penetration Tests we offer can be seen here:

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Internet Technology Security

Logistics and Controls: to reduce false positives and false negatives by assuring proper adjustments are made to all testing tools.
Network Surveying: to find the number of reachable systems to be tested without exceeding the legal limits of what may be tested.
System Services Identification: to enumerate live or accessible Internet services as well as penetrating the firewall to find additional live systems.
Competitive Intelligence Review: to produce a measurement of the organization’s network business justifications; size and scope of the Internet presence; provide a measurement of the security policy to future network plans.
Vulnerability Research and Verification: to identify, understand, and verify the weaknesses, mis-configurations, and vulnerabilities within the network.
Internet Application Testing: to find “security bugs” in server/client applications of the system from the Internet, with “Black box” and/or “White box” testing being used.
Routing: to assure that only that which should be expressly permitted be allowed into the network; all else should be denied.
Trusted Systems Testing: to affect the Internet presence by posing as a trusted entity of the network.
Access Control Testing: to assure that only that which should be expressly permitted be allowed into the network, all else should be denied.
Intrusion Detection System Testing: to evaluate the performance and sensitivity of an IDS.
Containment Measures Testing: to assess the means by which traversable, malicious programs and egressions are handled.
Password Cracking: to validating password strength through the use of automated password recovery tools.
Denial of Service Testing: to list weak points in the Internet presence including single points of failure, and establish a baseline for normal use.