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ISO Standards

The role of Management Standards

Business Resilience is built on good sound quality management processes and procedures, avoiding human error and providing traceability while keeping within the applicable laws. Consistent ways of doing things provides the ability to measure and improve and in doing so reduce risks from impacting on the delivery of business objectives. Risk is the effect of uncertainty on the prospects for delivery of business objectives. Business Resilience originated from Engineering where the ability to keep shape and robustness while undergoing turbulence is a desired characteristic. Signacure offer a selection of risk reducing management standards that organisations can choose to progress towards compliance or certification.

How Standards add Value

In today’s business environment, the external pressures upon organisations of all disciplines and sizes cannot be overstated. These external pressures demand that organisations maintain effective management systems and support resources to demonstrate compliance with statutory and contractual requirements within which it must operate.

Evidence that adequate resources have been allocated to maintain these systems through internal audits and system reviews is necessary in optimising the core revenue earning processes and effectiveness of the Organisation and consequently delivery of product or service to the customer.

Our role

The role of Signacure is to facilitate and assist in the management, development and improvement of Non-Revenue earning activities of Risk Management, Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, Skills & Qualifications, Product Conformity and Information Security and Technology Systems. Providing a means whereby these processes become effective contributors to the clients’ bottom line performance. If desired, Signacure will take agreed aspects of these management tasks over as part of a managed service.

Integration of Management System Standards

Signacure believe that one business should have only one management system and that it should be about what is done and how it is done in relation to achieving business objectives. If an organisation decides that it should meet certain recognised standards then it should encompass the requirements of those standards for the business benefit. At the same time it should ensure that what is done and how it is done complies with any legislation that impact upon company objectives and activity.

Our aim is to provide you with the management resources you need to ensure that your organisation benefits from the implementation of systems and initiatives to comply with statutory, insurance and contractual obligations. If your management system is certified or approved by a third party (ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 registration for example) we can help you integrate it into one overall management system unique to your business and maintain or enhance any current certification and approvals you may hold.

Signacure also produce and market a number of unique “Stand Alone” products which are aimed at the compliance issues facing all businesses, these are;

Legislative Review, Tool and Process.
Risk Assessment, Tool and Process.
Competence Management, Tool and Process.
CE Marking, Tool and Process.
Improvement Records and Process.
Change Programmes and Strategy.