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Strategic Risk Alignment


Risks have always been present in the road to achieving business objectives both at a strategic, tactical and operational level within organisations.

In the past, risks could be controlled almost in a technical and departmental way by mid-management teams who strive to ensure divisional and personal objectives are achieved. This would occur with little concern to other parts of the organisation.

Today, technology innovations and the internet have produced many productivity enhancing benefits for organisations, so too has the advent of outsourcing to specialist providers sometimes around the globe, shared services models and lean practices for production and logistics.

This interconnected and interdependent world of activity magnifies risk and introduces the notion of systemic risks within and around organisations. These systemic risks can be catastrophic in their speed and impact and seriously affect the viability of operations and delivery of strategic objectives.


Strategic Risk is often the realm of large multi-national corporate institutions employing a Strategic Risk Officer who reports into the CEO. However, the changes in operating environment mean all businesses no matter what size need to look at risk in their own context and how they can control it and use it to positive advantage.

Today, risks have become complex and interdependent. It is the interdependent nature of the risks we have in our organisations that lead to totally unexpected and unwelcome series of surprises.

We have listed some of the main sources of risk that can jeopardise business success.

What questions should I be asking?

  1. What are the top five risks facing the organization and what does its risk appetite suggest with respect to managing them? How do these risks align with our strategic objectives.
  2. What are the exposed assets, and how vulnerable are they?
  3. What options can address these risks relative to what is being done currently?
  4. What support is needed, and from whom?