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Cybercrime Legal and Courtroom Investigation training (5 days)

Cybercrime investigators are required to discover incriminating evidence in a lawful manner otherwise such evidence will not be admissible in court.

This course will provide a sound understanding of the legal and courtroom challenges that cybercrime investigators face. It will highlight the emerging legal and regulatory issues that have to be addressed during cybercrime investigations in order that retrieved evidence can be used in court. The course aims to achieve this by applying the legal and regulatory framework of UK, and International Agreements to the investigation of cybercrime. Content includes:

  • UK legal framework on cybercrime and International Cybercrime Bills
  • International initiatives and agreements on cybercrime.
  • Balancing individual’s privacy right with government’s right to violate privacy.
  • Information security risks and records management in cybercrime investigations.
  • Problems of access to obscene & indecent material during investigation.
  • Cross-border cybercrime investigations and issues of jurisdiction
  • Characteristics and legal requirements of digital evidence
  • The presentation of digital evidence in court.


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