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Incident / Crisis Response

Effective Executive Media Crisis Training

Your opportunity to participate in Signacure Executive Media Crisis Training


When a crisis hits your business the demands from stakeholders and 24hour news during can call for specific skills if you want to promote and protect your company’s reputation. A mishandled crisis can at the least be embarrassing, damage the brand value and could well cost your business.

Finding yourself in the eye of a media storm is frightening, particularly when a business is trying to deal with a crisis, as a set of uncontrollable events present themselves with little or no notice. Knowing what to do and how to think on your feet will help you to take control of the agenda so that you protect your business. In this fast-moving world of news led by “citizen journalists” and the more traditional outlets it is imperative that your messages are delivered by people who are professionally trained to handle press interviews and equipped with the skills necessary to limit the damage of a negative story and lead the recovery from crisis in a positive way.

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Designing and Delivering Business Continuity Exercises

Your opportunity to participate in the Signacure Delivering Business Continuity Course

This one or two day course is primarily intended to benefit organisations with an existing program. This course provides the skills to design, plan and test an exercise to provide the best learning outcomes that can be used to improve future responses.

You will learn how to develop, manage and run Business Continuity and Incident Management exercises. The course is mostly practical, with participants developing and then managing an exercise, using other course participants. The course follows the requirements of  ISO22031 and can be adapted to fit specific organisational objectives.

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