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Executive Media Crisis Training

Effective Executive Media Crisis Training

When a crisis hits your business the demands from stakeholders and 24hour news during can call for specific skills if you want to promote and protect your company’s reputation. A mishandled crisis can at the least be embarrassing, damage the brand value and could well cost your business.


Finding yourself in the eye of a media storm is frightening, particularly when a business is trying to deal with a crisis, as a set of uncontrollable events present themselves with little or no notice. Knowing what to do and how to think on your feet will help you to take control of the agenda so that you protect your business. In this fast-moving world of news led by “citizen journalists” and the more traditional outlets it is imperative that your messages are delivered by people who are professionally trained to handle press interviews and equipped with the skills necessary to limit the damage of a negative story and lead the recovery from crisis in a positive way.
This course is realistic and relevant to the real world of media crisis management and will help you stay in control. It can be tailored to support the objectives of an existing business recovery plan and to the sector you operate in. Every day we see companies in crisis and managers at the mercy of the media due to suppliers, quality issues, accidents and scandals. This one-day course will not only provide you with the necessary skills to deal with potentially negative coverage, but hit the headlines for all the right reasons.
The course will be delivered by award winning BBC journalists who are also trained professionals in reputation management, crisis PR and presentation skills.

Course outline

  • Sessions can be held on-site at your own offices or at our studio using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Our award winning journalists are experts in their field and have a proven track record of success advising the FTSE100 top companies, the public sector and smaller organisations on effective reputation management.
  • A unique insight into tough questioning techniques and how to deflect and protect your company’s reputation in a media crisis.
  • Our media training courses give everyone who is likely to deal with the press the skills, knowledge and confidence to handle enquiries and interviews positively.
  • Expert trainers will advise how to structure effective key messages and develop a powerful communications and crisis management strategy.
  • Training sessions are realistic and relevant to the real world of reporting and will help you stay in control of a crisis.
  • Every delegate will receive a training pack, which acts as a guide throughout the training course and as a reference tool for the future.
  • Each delegate will receive a DVD of their TV interview, a follow up evaluation critique.

Learning Outcomes
This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to protect your business, reputation and stakeholders, including:

  • A unique insight into tough questioning techniques and how to deflect and protect your company.
  • The importance of developing a powerful communications management strategy.
  • Help shield your organisation from a four-pronged attack by TV, radio, print and social media.
  • Understanding how the media operates and use it to your advantage.

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