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Risk Management Workshops

Risk Management courses



  • The ability to be able to evaluate and control risks is now of greater relevance to organisations than at any time in the recent past.
  • Establishing the correct risk culture across the organisation has been shown to drive optimum growth while many examples exist from the Global Financial Crisis that demonstrate the damage that can be realised if inappropriate cultures develop.
  • Risk Management has become a key cog in the wheel of expanding and improving ability to attain business goals.
  • Adding value through developing and implementing a risk program – your organisation will transform performance and protect investment.


Signacure offer a range of interactive workshops and courses that can be delivered to your training team or direct to your employees either in-house or at our offices.

Our bespoke courses will align with your own existing risk program objectives and support the strategic risk tolerances of your organisation.


Attendees will:-


  • Measure for Risk Culture
  • Enhance understanding of risks and exposures
  • Measure and quantify risks effectively
  • Understand the key facets of an effective process
  • Evaluate complex scenarios and emerging risks
  • Determine appropriate risk measurement techniques
  • Decide on the best method to record risk relationships
  • Experience risk evaluation using your own risks