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Information Security Training courses

Signacure Resilience offer a range of specialist Information Security training courses

Using Social Media to Grow your Business – Safely


Learn how to use the power of social media.

A practical and interactive session for those with little or no knowledge of social media; designed to help you understand the power and impact of social media, and you can bring your own device!

Your organization may either already be using social media, but you want to understand the wider implications; or they haven’t yet started, and you want to ensure they understand the basic building blocks.

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Introduction to Computer Forensic Investigations (5 days)

This five-day hands-on course is aimed at developing IT skills within the field of the computer forensics. The object of this training course is to introduce concepts of computer forensic investigations are conducted and the necessity to comply with established principles when conducting investigations and obtaining relevant data from numerous types of digital media.

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Advanced Computer Forensic and Cybercrime Investigations (5 days)

This advanced course, utilizes the dedicated specialised teaching facility and resources at Northumbria University, and provides extensive hands-on experience in respect of using the software products currently available to the analyst. Students will receive an introduction to forensic tools, measures used to decide how and where it is appropriate to utilize these methods during examinations and the latest techniques being used when dealing with large quantities of data. Current Linux freeware tools available to use during intrusion forensics and collection of live data.

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Mobile Forensic Examinations (2 days)

Again utilizing the dedicated specialised teaching facility and resources this hands-on course offers practical experience how to complete a forensic examination of the mobile devices; recovering stored data from the devices, e.g., calls, email, SMS, MMS, pictures, web data, and documents.

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Internet Intelligence Investigations (5 days)

This five-day hands-on course is aimed at those investigating Internet related complaints or who must do Internet research in the course of their duties. Students will learn how to effectively use open source intelligence to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain information from the Internet.

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Network Security Investigations (7 days)

The course develops the technical aspects of the subject with particular reference to enhancing computer and network security. Individuals will have the opportunity to practice techniques and tools associated with penetration testing and evaluate a range of threats, including the use of various hacking tools and techniques over a variety of operating systems and platforms. Individuals will also have the opportunity to develop their research skills in designing and evaluating security vulnerabilities and countermeasures.

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Evaluate procedures to ensure the security of an organisation’s IT systems (4 days)

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Identify and investigate electronic evidence sources (4 days)

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Evaluate procedures to promote an awareness of the nature and variety of cyber crime (2 days)

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