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Dave LloydDave Lloyd

Principal Partner

Dave specialises in protecting the profits and revenues of companies by implementing tailored Enterprise Risk Programmes that are viable from a cost and benefit perspective.


Bryan Conway

Senior Partner, Management Systems

Bryan has over 25 years of experience in developing Integrated Management Systems with a particular focus on business risks associated with statutory, technical and contractual requirements.


LaingChristopher Laing

Digital Information Security Specialist 

Christopher is an Information Security Risk Management Consultant for the European Network & Information Security Agency, and was one of the founders of GCHQ/EPSRC CyberSecurity Research Institute. He is a Fellow of the IET, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His research focuses on emergent complex behaviour in information infrastructures, with a particular interest in the security threats to, and vulnerabilities that exist within Industrial Control Systems.

Head of Compliance and Regulation

Signacure  can provide expertise in helping businesses manage people, process or system change where balance is needed between the customer experience and high standards of regulatory and risk management.


Head of Culture and Transparency

Signacure provides senior risk, intelligence and investigation consultancy providing business with solutions to protect their assets and brand and has assisted companies across the UK to better protect their assets and profitability.